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Eyerot Mask: Green Variant

Eyerot Mask: Green Variant

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This is one of my favorite masks yet, but folks with trypophobia probably don't feel the same. The green variant of Eyerot was made to capture the feeling of something putrid and decayed. Check out all of the photos to decide if Eyerot will be the mask for you to really freak out your friends... I guarantee you'll get some looks. This specific mask listing is one of my earliest resin casts for this design and has slight color variation from the rest since it was a paint test to nail down the look. You will get the exact mask in the photos.


Each mask is made of cast resin and are hand painted to ensure every little detail has come out perfectly. The head strap is composed of elastic with a metal slide buckle to allow smooth adjustments for different head sizes. 


Shipping on all masks are typically expected to take anywhere between 3-5 days to send out. Feel free to contact me for any questions. 

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